5 Easy & Cheap Tips to Transform Your Home!

   Transforming spaces in your home doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be cheap and it can definitely be easy. There are many areas of a home that can be improved, wether you are a first home owner, or a home owner who’s roots are deep in the foundation! So many people think that all renovations have to be done right away when they buy a home, but that isn’t always the case, and then, many renovations are really expensive. However, say you have some cabinetry that you just absolutely hate, try painting it? You might be surprised with the outcome. Not only is it a huge change (I promise) but it is dramatically cheaper than ripping all the cabinets out and putting new ones in. There are tons of tips and tricks I can give but for right now lets start with the basics! Here are 5 easy and cheap tips to transform your home!

#1. Cleaning and Decluttering

   If you do not have a huge budget, or a completely non existent one. Cleaning and Decluttering. I know, It seems like such a lame thing to say, but you would not believe how much of a difference it will make. Maybe you’ve been living somewhere for a while, never thought to give those walls a wipe down, or polish up those baseboards. Believe me, you may not rub your hands all over those surfaces but they do get dingy over time. Dust, while you see it collect on top of things like shelves, or dressers, and its easy to just wipe down and go “GROSS!” believe me, there is dust on your walls too, and if you don’t trust my word for it, fetch a white wash cloth dampen it a little and go wipe a section of a wall. Even if you chose a spot that is a little void of it, there is more grime on walls where favorite outlets are, or any light switches are. High traffic hallways? They are the worst! And thats all just walls! Wiping down those walls will make the room shine like brand new! Get in a great mop, or rent a carpet cleaner! Floors are a huge deal. A good deep clean will do wonders. We haven’t even gotten into the benefits of decluttering.

   Decluttering can make a huge difference just by its self. Working down to a smaller amount of stuff can streamline a space, make it feel overall more simple and clean. Stuff we don’t even need. Now a days, we seem to have so much stuff. What are we holding onto it for? Donate it, or sell it! Have a garage sale and make a little money off things you haven’t even touched in a year or two. WE all have those items and you know what I’m talking about! With that money you can maybe start with a small savings for another tip I have here. Use that money to go forward with your budget to transform your home.

#2. Paint

   I will forever and always recommend paint till I am blue in the face. Paint is always my first spending suggestion because it is the easiest, way to completely transform a space. Most homes now a days have white interior walls. I get it, it’s easy to have everything match, and as a home owner I will tell you a white wall is far easier to paint than a black one. Getting a mid range priced paint is likely your best option, I’ve painted my walls with cheap paint, and stuck up command strips and when I took them down the paint came off with the command strip adhesive. Cheaper paint just usually doesn’t hold up as well as expensive paint, but you don’t need to shell out a ton of money for some paint, there are plenty of great options in the mid range that are leaps and bounds above a cheap paint.

#3. Statement Pieces

   Statement Pieces absolutely bring a pop to a room. You can choose to buy a piece, or use something you already have! I myself, used a piece I already had and spray painted it. Paint doesn’t just have to be for walls! And the great thing about painting a piece of furniture is that you don’t need a ton of paint! A couple cans of spray paint can you run you ten bucks, but if your piece is larger you’d need some more. I love Rust-oleum paint. I just get the best results for myself with it. They can tend to be a little more expensive, but in my opinion its still a lot cheaper than buying a whole new piece.

#4. RUGS

   The floor needs some love too! Rugs in all shapes and sizes are so affordable now, that I totally recommend getting a rug to liven up a spot. Rugs can break up spaces, make almost kind of like a room within a room if you do it right! Say you have the master bedroom, and you decide you want a small seating area in the corner, just to read have a nook for yourself. Throw a rug down over there, and it’s almost like a room without walls. Rugs provide borders and lines that just give a little more interest to the area, separate it off without actually boxing it up. You can pick a pop of color, or something muted if you have rich flooring. it’s all about working a rug into that space!

#5. Pillows

   Last but not least, Pillows! Pillows are one of my favorite pieces to keep changing out. Changing them out for seasons, holidays, or even just having that random change because I feel like it! Have a couch? Great! throw some pillows on it. Have a bed? Pillows! We could really go on. The best thing about pillows is, you only have to buy a couple, and then it is so easy to just purchase pillow cases for them and keep the pillowcases in storage rather than a bunch of pillows. There is a whole world of pillow cases for decorative pillows. They come in all sorts of sizes too. All you need to know is the dimensions of your pillow and go on a search! Amazon has a lot of great options, but I’ve gotten some pillow cases at hobby lobby. You may even want to check out etsy!

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