About Monica

Find out who Monica J. Lowe really is and
how this blog got started.

Who am I? That has been a question I have been asking myself for a long time! I venture to say some of you are asking that same question. I am so happy to have you join me on this journey of discovery and joy.

The initial purpose of this blog and website was to give myself a much-needed outlet for creativity. But I soon realized that this would be as much for others as it is for me. We all get lost in our day to day lives or routines and in some cases the rat race of life. We start to feel like life is so difficult, painful and we don’t feel as if we have the time to really enjoy life. I was a single mother of two beautiful souls, working full time in a family business. Trying my best to give 100% and meet extremely high demands from work, give 100% to my children and their needs, and give about 2% to myself. I felt like such a failure on all ends because of course I couldn’t give equally, and I knew in my heart that the ones affected were my children. And that is a pain that is deep and at my core, because being the best mother I could be was everything to me. I worked hard because I needed to provide for my kids, and in my heart, I was working and building our company for the good of my children and my whole family. I felt like it was bigger than me and I was extremely loyal and dedicated. I spent 30 years in a situation that I am still trying to dissect and understand. I had a lot of joy, pride, accomplishment, pain, disappointment, betrayal, guilt and in so many ways I was going against what at my core I believed in. That is a very difficult and damaging thing to do for so long. Because you lose who you are and what you truly believe in.

One day I just heard a voice that said, “Get out, it’s time”. It was so strong and clear in my heart, and I felt so at ease and just knew it was what I needed to do. It was extremely painful to walk away from what you know and something you had worked hard to build. And remember this is a family business so there was that aspect. But I knew I needed to do it, and I knew I needed to distance myself from this part of my family and mend myself.

And so, the journey began! At my heart I am a simple girl from Oregon, who loves her family with everything inside me. I am a beautiful child of God who is living her life from my core beliefs and not from just trying to survive. I live my life with the Golden Rule, and I live in honesty and love, and my desire to help others. That is where this website and Blog came in and I realized I could have my outlet and help myself heal, but I could help and inspire so many others. Getting back to my roots and my core, I know I am not alone in this!

This website has everything I love and is important to me. Home Décor is a passion of mine and something I love to do; I am proud of my home and I love to share and inspire others. Organization is a big deal for me, and I want to share tips and tricks to keep an organized house that is busy with the hustle and bustle of my kids, and theirs. Family and Celebrations are everything to me, I love spending time with my family and celebrating big and small things and every Holiday we can! Cooking is something that I love to do for my family, and I love how it brings us all together. Gardening is something I never had a lot of time for and so when this life change happened, I got into it more. This has helped me so much, it’s like a meditation and it takes my mind off all the other stuff I am dealing with. I would love to inspire others and get inspired by others! I love Essential oils and sharing my thoughts and giving people mixes to try that I love. Travel has always been something I have loved, and I have been to so many amazing places. But even if it’s just a trip back to Oregon it is amazing and full of memories and I love it, especially if I am sharing it with family. And Wellness is just an assortment of health and fitness (something I need to work on), friendships and taking time for that, my faith and the journey I am on. This is what my Heart and Soul is about…

Hope you join me and explore.

Monica J. Lowe