I believe in celebrating everything! Why not, right!! This weekend we are celebrating my daughter in laws birthday! This girl starts in April counting down till her Birthday!! There is so much excitement for her about it! There is never any worries of forgetting that Birthday!! But I think every Birthday should be celebrated, every graduation or milestone or just a Thursday night should be celebrated!! If you can get those fine dishes out and use the good silverware don’t save for JUST special occasions! We buy these beautiful sets for formal dinners, or holiday celebrations, but why not pull em out on a regular ol day, or a different occasion?! Anything can be a special occasion no matter what it is!! Set the table, make it beautiful, pick some flowers and put some candles out. Put the phones away and TALK!! Play a dinner game or just talk about fun things. Make a desert and enjoy ever minute!! Life is too short and we never know what tomorrow brings, so enjoy, celebrate and laugh with family and friends! Show each other how much you all mean to each other!! We all need more love, compassion, and joy in our life!! So go celebrate something, anything😂😂!!

Don’t forget to find your Heart and Soul Home!!

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