Cheap & Easy Bathroom Renovation

Renovating spaces is on a lot of people’s list of things to do, and it can feel overwhelming if you’re doing a big one, but small ones are easy as pie! Your home is full of potential. If you have a small space or a large space, you can customize it however you like. Doing small renovations don’t have to drain your wallet either. Cheap and easy renovations are one of my favorites, because you can really see how simple it is to transform a space with smaller changes. I can show you how I took the approach with my bathroom renovation

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is sometimes just enough to completely transform a space. You can pick up color for pretty cheap, in my bathroom I spend about 60 dollars on my paint. Some paints are cheaper and some paints are a little more expensive. However, when choosing paint, I do recommend getting something in the middle. I like to get paint that has primer in it, and deposits a lot of color! It makes painting a whole lot easier. For my bathroom renovation I chose a Sherwin-Williams color, repose gray to be exact. It was the perfect color for me, its such a beautiful neutral and something that wasn’t going to overpower the room. I painted the entirety of the room, but something to keep in mind is that a feature wall can be very effective as well. Especially if you have a tighter budget and already have a white or neutral paint on your walls. Paint does come in smaller batches than just a whole gallon bucket and of course having extra paint isn’t going to hurt anyone but, if you also don’t want a whole gallon bucket laying around you could opt into a smaller option.

Wall Decor

In addition to the paint, decals are a great way to bring interest to the wall especially if you don’t have many pictures or frames on the wall. It’s just a little something that decorates the wall without putting holes in it. Which means if you can’t do paint because you are a renter, you can definitely just opt into doing decals. Of course they are a little more pricy than paint but sometimes paint just isn’t an option for those who are renters and not home owners.

Another way to decorate, especially if you have a smaller room, is to use the walls and build up. You may not be able to have grand pieces of furniture, but you can have some wall hangings that bring interest, or shelving that is not just decorative but functional. You can also bring the outdoors in with a hanging plant. That’s not exactly on the wall but it’ll hang higher and not be a bulky piece that takes up a ton of room. Whilst we are on the subject of ceiling hanging, lighting is another great way to draw your eye to the higher areas of a room. So, with all the levels that are being created in a space, it will make the room feel more refined and you can maintain a great amount of floor space.

Using Floor Space

If it is available, using floor space is great fun. So many ways to arrange furniture pieces. Decorate the floors with area rugs, a larger floor space gives you the opportunity to use a variety of rug sizes, and a rug can be just as transforming as the paint on the walls. Rugs give your eyes a change in texture, color, and feel that is different from your flooring. Doesn’t matter what flooring you have, tile, wood, stone, concrete, even carpet! you can use area rugs in a very strategic way. You can use different sizes of rug to break up the floor. Make multiple areas if your space is large, and if your space is on the smaller size, and area rug can make it feel larger than it is. In my bathroom I opted into getting a larger rug, not only is it a piece I love, but it breaks up the floor nicely and draws attention to that space.


Now, I didn’t change any hardware in my bathroom. I like the hardware I have but if you don’t that can be a great way to elevate a space. In bathrooms, you can change out the knobs on cabinetry. Even changing up your door knob! On a little bit more of a difficult change, you can change out the sink faucet and there are options out there that wont break the bank. Something simple and clean? You can grab that at Lowe’s or Home Depot for a very reasonable price. Same with door knobs and cabinetry handles or knobs. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact so it is something to think about.


I really love these smaller renovations. They make me feel like my house is growing. Almost like a teen who comes into adulthood, It’s coming from one set style. refining the style, or changing it completely is a fun and exciting thing to do.

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