Dining Room Ideas to Brighten Up a Space

Let’s talk dining room ideas. There are many ways to open/brighten up a space. Using a lighter color gives a more bright open feel. Adding a plant at the center of a small table, if you have a smaller space to work with also adds a level of freshness. (It doesn’t even have to be a real plant, but try for a convincing one!) A bigger space with a large table and a table scape if thats more your thing. If a table scape isn’t something you’re into, try a larger statement piece and maybe a couple of big candles. It’s all about your style, and what you like, or want to tell with your dining space.

When I begun my life change, I’ve really been looking looking in myself to make a change. I’ve noticed I have a love for the stream lined, simple, less is more decor. I really do feel, that the spaces around me felt like they needed to be simplified. So, little by little I’ve been changing things.

My formal dining room is the epicenter of my family gatherings. I felt it was about time for me to make a change there. I wanted to remove the heavy, darker colored chairs I had. Then bring in something light, and simple. There are tons of ways to brighten or open up a space, but for me, Changing something as simple as chairs made a HUGE difference. 

I want to share just how simple it is to change a space. You may already have basic pieces, and changing up a table, or chairs is enough to transform your area. And as I said in my patio refresh, painting furniture can make a huge impact and use what you already have! So check out how I changed my space and hopefully I can inspire you to take that step to refresh yours!

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