Disaster House! Getting Motivation to Clean!

Often times we feel overwhelmed when we have a big mess. I like to believe it is because the mess is something we don’t really have control over, and we don’t know exactly where to start. Having a disaster house mess is; well in my case, usually from a party. Sometimes we need a little push, getting some motivation to clean is pretty easy these days, a trip to youtube and maybe picking up some tips from someone else is sometimes all you need to start. A lot of people when dealing with a disaster, need the motivation to start. I know it can be hard to start when you don’t know WHERE to start. My tip is, Pick a spot that really bugs you and get it done! Once that spot is done, it’ll push you to finish the rest!

Having A Plan!

Sometimes having a plan of attack really helps. Writing it down – Helps even more. When you put the idea into physical form via pen and paper, its like a goal you push onto yourself to get it done. When it’s not done, it really sucks! So say, you REALLY need to clean up your pantry. Write down that you have to do it! Then pull out all the strategies, tips, tricks, and whatever else you’ve got to compartmentalize things in a way where it is just step by step. Breaking it up, almost makes it feel like you’re not taking it all at once. So you first get rid of all the stuff that is expired. Then, Organize and put the like things together in one spot, and finally sweep and mop. Its three steps and it seems simple and easy! You might need a few more steps if it’s a complete disaster, but thats okay. We still want to start the same! 

Getting through the clean can sometimes just be a tedious thing. It’s not always as simple as it seems, but perhaps you reward yourself when you get done? Nothing as big as a 100$ purchase, something small. Something that you can sit back and relax with after a hard job! I like to treat myself with special coffee! So if you want to reward yourself with a starbucks or a italian soda if it’s a hot day, treat yourself for the work you finished! 

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