Easy Way to Store Your Kids School Work!

There are plenty of ways to store your children’s artwork, important school work, and report cards! Some times storing their school stuff can be overwhelming, especially when they are younger and have so much art! I know I definitely saved a lot of my children’s things! I have huge bins, and tons of things that I probably didn’t need to keep but I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of it! I wish I had thought of this idea long ago, for the sake of not having to feel like I need to hold on to every little thing now.

These bins are a cheap and effective way to keep your children’s school work organized and safe. They are easy to store, and they are so easily personalized. You can have one or you can have multiple. You can separate them by Art, or school work, or have different bins for each. It truly is a completely customizable and easy way to stay organized and keep it easy for you!

Like I said above, there are a lot of options for storing your kids school work. These plastic filing bins I have, are a very cheap way to do it. But if money isn’t an issue you can opt in to buying something a little more fancy. You could have a filing cabinet for each child. It is a lot more space, or meet in the middle and use one small filing cabinet for your children. Filing cabinets come in all sorts of sizes. You could easily find one that suits your needs. Filing cabinets no longer come in just the boring old school office metal either, you can find some pretty decorative filing cabinets out there. There are some filing cabinets that are wood, and some metal but a ton of different designs. 

There is also the binder system. Keep the work in binders, be it 3 hole punch, or  using folders within them. I have to say this isn’t the most appealing for me. Its not clean, but you could get very creative with them. Get some binders on the pricy side, that have spines that look like books and have a bookshelf of your children’s work!

The possibilities do seem endless when we are talking about creatively, but if you want something simple, these plastic file bins, or even getting some cardboard file boxes is simple as that! 

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