End of Summer Garden Tour

I’m always updating my garden, and it only seems right to give you all an end of summer garden tour. It is closing in on the end of summer here, and fall will be ushered in. My garden looks a little Crispy and has been really cut back because this summer here in Arizona has been brutal. Gardening in a zone 9 isn’t exactly easy when it’s 110 + degrees out. However, if you take advantage of the evening or in the early morning it can be a tad easier. The garden is in good shape, and there’s only a little bit of monsoon damage. Most of it is just some ground mess. My lovely statue in my rose garden is down off it’s pedestal (I’ll need help getting it back upright.) However, that was done to keep it from being tossed over with the really strong winds we had in this last monsoon storm. I did want to show you around my garden and give you a little garden tour aside from all this. Its a good representation of the fact that your garden wont always be spry. A lot of my garden will come back and look amazing as soon as it starts cooling off, and then come spring it’ll be full of overgrowth! You can head over to youtube to check out the garden tour, or take a look down below!

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