Fall Season Decorating

     The fall season is one of my favorite seasons. Simply because it’s the marker of summer being over, and in comes winter! Also, Winter is my favorite season to decorate for, I get a little excited that it is so near! However, with that being said, I do love fall decorating. It’s the warmness in the fall colors that just start off the season great. The beauty in the leaves changing color, creating a sea of different hues of red, orange, and yellow. The scent of cinnamon and pumpkin spice it just makes it all feel like fall that moment of togetherness that fall brings, the feeling of being close. I’m always sharing what I’m thankful for, but fall is one of those times where everyone seems to exude thankfulness. Decorating takes me to my happy place, and creating lovely warm spaces to be enjoyed by family and friends is my number one priority when I start to get those fall feelings!

Tier Trays

     Tier Trays have to be the most fun, and simplest forms of decorating! Especially, if you have limited space to work with. Say you have a small apartment entry way, because tier trays are built vertical having a small entry table, or if you don’t have an entry way, a spot on a coffee table or couch side table is plenty of room to place a tier tray. Often times I’ve mentioned utilizing a small space by using wall space, or building a focal point that extends upward!

     Tier trays are definitely easy and can be cheap, you can grab a relatively cheap tray at target, and find a few items in the dollar spot to be bigger pieces and then, you can head over to the dollar tree and pick up twigs, berries, leaves, and other decor that can be used as filler. (If you don’t have kiddos or cats, you could also just pull some of those things right out of your yard! No worries of leaves being crunched by cute little hands or paws!) If you are willing to spend a little extra you can pick up things from Michael’s or hobby lobby as well. Both have great sales from time to time, and you could afford to get some more farmhouse or rustic inspired pieces that are on trend. (With a trendy price tag)

     Decorating tier trays are impossible to fail at, they are meant to be seen 360 and you can change them up every day by moving around and tweaking the positions of items until you are happy with the arrangement. My recommendation is, don’t stress it! Don’t think to much about it, and just throw it together the way you want, and play with it!


     Fireplaces are often used in fall, not here in Arizona as often because it just doesn’t get cool enough till winter! Fireplaces are where most families gather around in the fall/winter seasons as well. It’s a warm cozy place and the flames dance and entrance the young ones. The picture of them cuddled up near the fire sipping warm apple cider just makes my heart sing! So of course, I decorate mine! The mantel gets most of the attention and this year I went a little more simple, but you can really go all out. Having a fall wreath above the mantel is a great way to bring Fall front and center! Then adding some other artificial foliage and maybe a few cute pumpkins or harvest time pieces just pull it all together!


     So, typically when you enter a house there is an area that can be considered a entry way. Not everyone has one, so you gotta make use of the space you have. I myself am fortunate for a nice entry space. But, if you don’t have one, don’t neglect your door! Try a big Fall Inspired or harvest wreath! You don’t have to buy a super expensive one, and it might be a fun DIY to try out if you want to make your own! I usually have a wreath and some patio decorations outside of my home, but my entry way is where people come in and get invited or greeted. So I do love that my entry be as warm and inviting as possible. I brought in some pumpkins and red foliage, and I always have a candle sitting on my entry way table. It just invites guests with a great smell, and a relaxed warm feeling! If you have a smaller space maybe think of a shelf or a smaller decorative table. If you have a house that goes straight into a room, maybe set a Fall inspired door mat down inside and maybe some pumpkins just to have a little of that fall right as people come in! Work with what you got and get decorating!

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