Fall Season Fairy Garden

     Every season I get out my fairy garden stuff and put a whole new one together! It just wouldn’t be Fall if I didn’t do my Fall season fairy garden! I love the customization of them. You only need a plant or two and then you decorate their surroundings with all kinds of cute little fairy inspired decor. It’s a little magic in the garden! The grand kids love them too. They see them and they get a sense of wonderment. It fills my heart with joy seeing them enjoying it, and I enjoy just putting them together!

Getting Started

     Fairy Gardens don’t have to be an expensive trip to the store. I’ve gotten quite a bit of fairy garden decor from the dollar tree. They usually have some stuff there according to the season. Not can you check out the dollar store, but you can pick up some decor pretty cheap from Michaels craft store or Hobby Lobby. Both stores have awesome deals from time to time. But, don’t forget when seasons change! A lot of times, I’ll go after holidays like valentines day or halloween ect. to pick up decor that has been discounted 50% and I browse around days after to get a bigger discount. A huge tip, for just decor items or fun kitchen ware is to check out your local grocery store. Especially if they have decor Items for holidays or seasons. (My grocery store has an isle for holiday candy and decor it’s not a TON but it is cute stuff. so I take advantage!) Then of course you need to decide if you are doing artificial or real plants. And get a planter accordingly. And thats really all you need.


     When putting a fairy garden together you will want to get started by putting potting soil in your planter. And the next step is planting! keep in mind the dimensions of your fairy inspired decor. You need just a little bit of space, and your plants should be planted in a way that keeps some room for the decorating. Then decorating! There really are no rules! Build it up however you like it! play around with it. I do recommend having a fairy house, it’s a larger piece but where would the fairies live if they didn’t have one? And then lay out a stone path or something, a bridge maybe? There really are no rules! Have fun with it!!


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