Family Celebrations & Traditions

Family Celebrations are my absolute favorite thing. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or big milestone, I think celebrating as a family and making memories is so important! When I look back on our celebrations, I have the best memories and I know my family does as well. Creating special moments or just making ordinary occasion an extraordinary memory is what I strive to do. I believe it’s important to romance the ordinary and make moments beautiful. I think my family appreciates my efforts and if nothing else they always remember it.

Something I always try to do, no matter what the celebration, is come up with a theme and create activities for everyone to do. I also try to always fit in traditions where I can. As an example, for thanksgiving I always plan in our tradition of painting our love plaques and I always put up at least one plaque that each person painted. That way I have those memories up on my wall all year long. For Easter it is tradition to play out in the back yard. Enjoying water games, egg games, swimming sometimes, its all about having fun outdoors, enjoying each other, and being silly. Birthdays or special occasions I always try to think of the person and their interests and make it all about them. Come up with a theme for them and just make it as special as I can. Just the extra detail can make all the difference.

Food is an essential part of any celebration. It’s a reason to gather and converse and share memories. During the holidays I keep the menus pretty much the same because my family looks forward to those foods for each holiday. For a dinner party or a Sunday family dinner I try to set a beautiful tablespace with flowers. Just putting a special touch and making sure people know I care to make them feel special.

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