Family Garden Day – Getting started on my vegetable garden

Gardening has become a passion of mine, and to share that passion with my family is so amazing. Having this family garden day was super important to me. Everyone pitched in, and who doesn’t like to have help!? But the importance of the day, starts with why. I’ve been planning a vegetable garden for a long time, I had a first go of it a while back, and though things grew very successfully, I planted too soon, and then planted a few things wrong. It was a great learning experience, and also got me thinking about how to make this easier. The space I had my veggie garden in, was a little difficult, and sometimes I couldn’t get to things without stepping over other things and my pumpkins just grew out of control (Which was the main thing I planted too early, and it was a bummer because they rotted before fall harvest.) This garden, is particularly important because I can grow veggies that I use a lot in cooking, and provide fresh produce for my family! I love when I can cook something that I know is good for them!! To have the help in getting things prepared for the vegetable garden was great. Not only was it just the help but it was my family helping, and that brings an entire new level of special feelings to this garden. It’s now not just something I’m doing for myself and them, but they are helping me and supporting me in bringing this idea to fruition.

I‘m so glad that I can share this great memory with you! It is something spectacular to me. I recommend whole heartedly to get yourself out in the garden, and get your kids out there with you! Make some memories. 

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