Fatherhood – Importance & Celebrating

   First off Happy Fathers to all the dads out there! The role of a father is so very important. I think sometimes in our society we focus so much on the mothers role and we don’t focus as much on the fathers! In my life I have experienced many different father situations. Let me explain!


1. My Dad I grew up with the typical dad set up for my era. My mom was a stay at home mom until my 6th grade year. My mom did the work of house and the day to day kids needs. My dad worked many hours owning his own company and provided for the family. He was home every night and weekends( except when he worked) he watched a lot of sports. Not saying he was bad just that’s how it was then.



2. My children’s father Unfortunately the father of my children wasn’t there very much during my kids youth. That created a whole different experience. My children did not have the security of knowing dad was there for them, or that he was there to protect them. My son did not have a father role model of how a man should be. His Grandfather was the closest thing he had. My daughter did not have the experience of be daddy’s princess and feel protected. If I can say one thing to men, if you’re big enough to play you need to be big enough to be a real father. Whether or not you’re with the mother you need to take responsible for your child or children and be a part of their raising.



3. Being a mom and dad at same time since my kids dad was not really there on a consistent basis. I was mom and dad. It’s not easy trying to show your son how to be a man when your not one! Or teaching your daughter how to trust a man or how she should be treated from a man when she never had that in her beginnings. I know inside myself I did the best I could , and of course there are a million things I would do different. But I didn’t know.. and that is ok. Parenthood, is a learning experience. So this Father’s Day I want to give a shout out to all the moms who are doing double duty!



4. Watching my son as a father this is probably my favorite! I love seeing how much he loves his kids. I know in many ways he struggles because he didn’t have that influence from his father. But he works at it every day and that’s what is important. He works extremely hard for his family and spends any extra time he has with them. He is a wonderful father and I salute him!

So with all of that I say Happy Fathers Day however that looks for you! Just remember how important the Father is in a child’s life!

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