Health and Wellness – Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going.

Wellness has been a funny subject for me. I have always been on top of all my loved one’s health and wellness that when it came to taking care of my own it always fell to the side. As I have worked through so much of this journey I now realize that I didn’t see myself being important enough. I felt that taking the energy and time that it would take to care for myself wasn’t well spent, and it was better spent taking care of my family’s needs.

I am proud to say that my wellness in all it’s forms, is a very important subject to me now. I am taking the time to care for myself. Whether it be; nutrition and supplements, taking some time to reflect, or doing something as simple as enjoying a well loved hobby. I have been working very hard on my mental and emotional health, I have learned to have grace with myself and I listen to my body and my emotions. I don’t measure my success to anyone else any more. I have completely changed my mindset, and live with the motto, less is more.

I am excited to take you all along on what I have learned, and what I will learn in the future. Share ideas and books that have helped me. Dig deeper into mental health, finding ways to help myself and others. Talk about how we can start small and build on progress.

I feel this is probably one of the most important topics I have on this blog, mainly because taking care of your mind, body, and soul is the key. You cant do it for others or really anything else if you aren’t taking care of those things for yourself. The key is to care for yourself and all will go from there. Join me in making our wellness be our first priority, trust me, it’s time well spent!

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