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     We’ve Talked about many ways to upgrade, or makeover some of your home spaces. With the pandemic it seems so many people are working from home, and need to keep a tight belt. However, they are realizing their office space is lacking. Whether you have a big home with a whole office room at your disposal, or a little apartment with a corner space of the living room as your office, there’s still a lot you can to make your work environment pleasant. So, I wanted to give my thoughts on some very nice low cost home office makeover tips and show you what I did to my space.

Wall Treatments

     I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Paint! It’s an inexpensive way to change a wall up. And one wall of paint as a feature wall is more than enough to transform a space. Now, Of course this is not an option for all renters, so this is where we are going to get sneaky and creative! Wallpaper! Yep that’s right, the pain in the neck- regarded as the ugly step child of wall treatments! Well see, we’ve definitely come a long way from the bucket of glue and free flying paper rolls. Wall paper now a days come all in one, and the best thing about it is, it’s a peel and stick! (And when I say stick, it doesn’t stick like messy glue!) It’s more like a very large sticker and they should peel off clean! This is a great option for renters, but it’s also a great option for those with smaller corner space work areas. You can completely divide a room using wallpaper, and really make it feel like you have your on personal office. (If you want to take it farther, you can always get a privacy screen to further divide the room)

     We aren’t going to stop at wallpaper, because like wallpaper Decals peel and stick. Decals are a great way to create points of interest, bring color into a room, and just have something you like to glance up at once in a while. Still great for renters, and even more so for those smaller corner space work areas.


     Now, not everyone has the money to just fully refurnish their office, however, some people do not even have a desk. Now, Ikea has great cheap options for desks, but they’ve had quite a bit of a shortage at my location (It’s totally okay, it sucks, but the pandemic has changes a lot of things and gotten in the way of a lot of things.) I already had a desk and I love it, but I was tired of the look. So all I did was spray paint the legs white, and used a contact paper that looks like farm house weathered white wood. Now you don’t need an “actual” Desk to do this. If you happen to be out see a yard sale or something like that, check it out. You might luck out and find a desk, or find a small kitchen table! The same methods still apply! Spray paint is cheap! Remember that! And contact paper is not expensive either!


     Last but not least decor! If you have the space to add more furniture and decorate with beautiful pieces, do it! However, with smaller spaces, WALL SPACE! Wall space is your friend, and don’t be afraid to hang things! Shelves are very cheap on amazon, you can get them as low as ten dollars. You can make some art yourself, shop around your house, or buy some little inspirational pieces from places like the dollar tree, or target in their dollar spot section.

     Making over a space doesn’t have to be expensive. Your Home office will shine bright and your work will thank you for it! Overall, working in a space that feels good carries a higher moral, and just gives you that feel good sensation. I hope this inspires you to finally take the leap and do a little something for yourself!

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