How to Forgive Someone

How to forgive someone is a tricky subject for so many people. It has been for me I know that much to be true. There are so many different opinions on this subject, and like anything you have to find the right answer for you. Someone else can’t give you the magic answer to something so deep and personal. So I am going to share with you my experience and with that maybe it will help you make that decision. Of course there are a million little things that you could forgive from people in your life. But today I am thinking of the big stuff that we hold on too, not maybe someone cutting you off on the road or something! This kind of forgiveness is something that has run deep in your heart and soul and for your health and happiness you need to let it go.

I kind of used to dismiss when I heard or read that forgiveness wasn’t for the other person, I kind of felt like I was letting someone off too easy by just forgiving them. That they didn’t deserve to be forgiven. But it really is true that when you let that hurt go from your body and your soul you release all that tension, anger, fear and resentment from every piece of you. It really is about you and not the other person. I found that the hurt and destruction that this pain was doing to my own body and mind was way worse than what that person was feeling. In a situation like that you don’t know if that other person even thinks about you or the situation anymore. Here you are with all this pent up hurt and anger doing havoc on your body and they are not even thinking about you.

When I made that decision to just let a situation go, release it and forgive that person knowing that they were not going to hurt me anymore. That Karma will take care of the situation and they will have to atone for what they have done at some point. But it was not going to hurt or affect me any longer. I forgive but I don’t forget and that is not a way of me trying or saying I am vindictive. I am far from it. But it does give you the upper hand , and helps you know that you won’t make that same mistake again when you remember.  Forgiveness truly is for you and not that person, and so you don’t even have to tell that person you have forgiven them. It can just be between you and/or God. I find that when I write out a letter, like I am writing that person and I list out exactly what they have done and what I am forgiving them for it almost cements it. I don’t have to send it or show them or like I said even tell them I have done it. It’s just for me. I personally find that writing a letter (a detailed letter) and then burning it works wonders for my soul. It’s truly releasing it and letting it go, burning it and ending it. I encourage you if you are holding something deep in your heart and soul and you really need to forgive and let it go. Do it, do it for you and know one else. I have included a free printable letter form for you to use. Kind of get you started on your journey of forgiveness. Remember this is for you, so whatever you want to do with this letter is your choice. Burn it, keep it, give it to the person do whatever works best for you. I hope this gives you the push to forgive someone that has hurt you deeply, and heal yourself. I care about you all and want nothing but happiness and joy for you.

Find your Heart and Soul,


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