Laundry Room Organization Tour

   This week’s theme seems to be organizing. So I thought I’d give you an organization tour to back up my Top 5 Organization Tips for Beginners. This is how I organize and how I keep myself from over spending by buying items I already have, and how I make use of my containers, labels, item designation, and item togetherness!

   Especially during this pandemic we don’t need to be buying things we have plenty of, but its always great to have stock of something because you never know when you are going to run out. I stock for a large family, so of course I have more items in stock. For example, For a single person, say you have bottles of alcohol for cleaning, or disinfecting of course you have one that is opened and you’ve used. I would suggest if you want to keep stocked two extra bottles will suffice, and when you open up the last bottle you know to go buy some more. It’s the same concept with something like tooth brushes, or tooth paste. You don’t need 45 tubes of toothpaste at once, just enough to know it’ll hold for a while before you have to stock up on it again. Tooth paste often comes in 3 to a pack so, really one pack is more than enough for a single person.

   I hope I gave you some food for thought, and encouraged you to get more organized in your home. I’d love to see how you did it if you did!

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