Making Your Own Decorative Art – Paint Pour Method

I love enjoying art in my home, wether it be just a simple canvas print you can get online, or a custom art piece by an artist. In decor, there is a lot of modern art, and pour paintings are on trend currently. It seems like no one can get enough of them, and I am apart of that group. Right now, I’m keeping a tight budget, and art prints, or pieces are just not apart of that budget. Besides it is always fun to try new things, and making your own decorative art pieces is a fun experiment that everyone can try! Not only is it budget friendly, but it’s personal and a piece of decorative art that you can look at and remind yourself that you did that!

It’s Super Simple!

All you really need to make your own decorative art, is a few colors of acrylic paint, a canvas, and some plastic cups. Make sure you are picking colors you absolutely love! I chose two shades of pink, a blue grey, and a gold. Now, if you are using the cup method, (Pouring all your paints into a single cup to get that marble effect) Make sure your paint is not very thick, When it’s thick it doesn’t like to spread as easily. If you need to thin it out, you can use a little water, but you don’t want it to be super thin. you have to hit this sweet spot where its not super thick, but its not super thin either.

When you have all your paints together, you grab your canvas and pour! You can place the cup upside down on the canvas and lift it like many people do, or you can pour it right on the canvas in whatever way you want. I chose to just pour it however I wanted! That way I could get thicker lines of marble effect. You then tilt the canvas around to spread the paint across the surface. You can tilt it till the paint flows over the edge, or you can tilt it to make thick rivers of beautiful marbled paint! Once the paint is on the canvas all you have to do is wait for it to dry! Thats it! you have a piece of decorative art that is your very own! Hang it up and boom!

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