Mental Health Awareness Printable

   Mental Health Awareness feels like it has come far, like leaps and bounds. Going from something you shouldn’t even mutter to yourself, to something that isn’t as taboo to talk about. Mental health can be such a touchy subject, and it is a personal subject. I think because there is such a stigma around mental health many people don’t want to speak about it. In today’s world it seems like we are making progress in the right direction as far as trying to get rid of that stigma. I know for myself I never really wanted to talk to people about it. I would talk to family a little and counselors. But I never wanted to openly talk to friends about it. When you say you struggle with mental health people tend to look at you like your purple!! It feels like some kind of badge fell from the sky and planted it’s self right on your chest for that person to identify you with. But the reality is that many people are suffering from some sort of mental illness whether they realize it, or want to admit it or not.

   I felt it was very important to bring this to the forefront. Especially at this time when so many are having a difficult time, for many different reasons. We need to talk about our feelings, thoughts, fears and the anxiety we feel. We need to know that those feelings are valid. Support each other and let each other know we are here for each other. There is no shame in having struggles, big or small. Everyone has them but it’s how we deal with them or how we treat others that make the difference. I created a free mental health awareness printable to just help us check in with ourselves. I can’t stress enough how important it is to myself to be honest about how I am feeling. I feel it is a way to keep in check, take a moment to just lay it all out and think of ways to work on those struggles you are having. Take some time to sit down and reflect on how you feel and get any feelings out that you need to. I hope this is helpful and something that you find useful. The printable is free when you sign up to the newsletter, and I’d really love it if you gave me some feedback and maybe ways to improve upon it!

Happy Sunday!

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