My Get it DONE Mondays!

Every Monday I go on a mission to get it DONE! It’s important to me, that my house is clean and fresh for the week and that starts with Monday! I get all the cleaning and organizing done around the house. It may seem like a lot to get done Monday especially if you have a larger house, but if you keep the end goal in mind, it may be a little easier to power through. I am very good about consistently getting around the house on Monday’s, so honestly I don’t actually struggle, when you are consistent you have less to do! I am a firm believer if you do it often you don’t have an overwhelming amount of work. Combined with My ULTIMATE Quarterly Deep Clean routine, I feel confident that my house is always clean.

Like my deep cleans, I get rid of the old food, take not of the things I need to get at the store! This is a great help not just to clean out the old food, but to organize the good food when I go to put it back. It also gives me ideas for things I need to use up. Yes, I meal plan, but for example: if I have bananas that are over ripe and kinda getting to that turning point, I can think “Oh! I can make some banana bread!” This goes for other things as well, Squashes are great for sides and I know all of us at one point of another have been guilty of buying produce because it sounds good to have with ___ but forget to use it. It’s great to have that one day a week to go through things and make sure perishable things get used.

Even if you don’t want to tackle the entire house in one day, it doesn’t hurt break it up. I know I break it up from time to time, because my bad back and I can’t always get all that I want to get done when it starts to really hurt. So maybe you take three rooms on a day, and then take the rest on another. Its really up to you and what you’re comfortable with or what you get done in a day. And don’t forget those kiddos! Especially with this pandemic, they could use an activity to burn off some of that energy and sometimes making a game out of it really encourages them to treat cleaning as a fun activity. Of course, Keep them away from all the chemicals, but they can certainly help with picking things up. If you have older kids, they can help change laundry loads, help make beds, and vacuum!

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