Organic Fertilizer! Let’s Talk About It!

I definitely believe that fertilizing is one of the most important things you can do to keep a nice strong and healthy garden. I Have used many fertilizers in the past, but I finally found something that works really well for me and that is Espoma Organic, and Proven Winters Fertilizers. I do love that Espoma has an organic fertilizer option. It does smell and my kids hate it, and my dogs love it! More importantly I am not worried about my dogs getting into it, and I know my vegetables and fruits that I grow in my garden are being maintained well, and we are putting our organically grown plants in our bodies and they were encouraged to grow well with an organic fertilizer.

I have a peach, Meyer lemon, lemon, lime, tangerine, and crab apple tree! They are all fertilized once a year, and the only tree that doesn’t get the Espoma Organic Citrus-tone fertilizer is my apple tree, it gets a nice big helping of Tree-tone. In my vegetable garden in the past, I used Garden-tone. So I do take this fertilizing business serious! The trees get Fertilized once a year, where the garden will get a starter fertilizer and of course be maintained throughout the year. 

For my potted plants, I use the Proven Winners Continuous Release Plant Food. I start all my pots with it, and then I follow up with my Proven Winners Water Soluble Plant Food once a week on Friday’s. I want to show you just how easy it is to fertilize, and though I have many different fertilizers in my arsenal because I have a big garden, you may only need one or two. So let’s talk fertilizer!

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