Organizing – 101

Organizing has always been a good way for me to deal with my anxiety. When situations or times in my life felt out of my control, I would always start cleaning and organizing. It was something I could have control of, and it gave me the satisfaction and accomplishment that I needed.

Now I just appreciate and need a clean, tidy, organized home. I am not settled if my home is unorganized and a mess. I believe everything should have a place so that everyone can help clean up. Labeling where things go is very important, as well as keeping like or same items all together. If you have same items all over the house, chances are you will keep buying that item because you didn’t know you had more.


  • In the kitchen pantry, keep all like items together, I like to use baskets. You can pull the basket down and see what you have and clean out expired items easily. Baskets don’t have to be expensive; you can go to the dollar tree or any place to get inexpensive bins. I think it looks better, and cleaner if the bins are all the same color and labeled.
  • Make a command center in hall closets or linen closets that holds all your family’s every day stock items. For example: Keep a bin with extra soap, shampoo/conditioner, shaving needs, deodorant, lotions, and first aid needs. That way when anyone in the family needs something, they know right where to get it.

The most important thing to remember about organizing is there is a place for everything and it’s up to you to decide where that is and what works best for you and your home.

Sometimes it takes a couple times to organize an area until you get it where you need it to be. It can be hard to get started, but if you can keep the end goal in mind and know how good you will feel in the end that can be the motivation you need.

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