Pool Area Garden Day!

So, I had purchased a lot of plants to plant around my garden, and I wasn’t expecting to get hot so fast. Yes, I live in Arizona, but it is also the very beginning of May! My plants needed to planted ASAP! I took to the pool area! It was hot! I was sweating! But it needed to be done! I really love having plants in my pool area, it decorates the areas around the pool so nicely. I have quite a few pops of color, and with my hibiscus, I feel like I’m lounging around in my own little paradise.

I‘ve been having plenty of garden days recently, and a good garden day just lifts my spirits! Planting in a zone 9 has its struggles, a lot of plants that I loved in Oregon will not strive here in Arizona. You have to be mindful of the amount of water a plant needs especially if it isn’t a desert plant! I love flowers, and roses, and since they are all on a watering system/drip, they do very well. They also do better because I’ve chosen roses that will do better in the heat. Last year around summer, I planted some sunflowers. They shot up and grew so well, but sunflowers do extremely well in full sun, and Arizona has plenty of that! (A tip a friend of mine passed on is that if you cut your sunflowers to take them in and put them in a vase, give them HOT water!! You’d think cold water would do just fine, but sunflowers absolutely LOVE hot water!)

So, ultimately my advice to starting a garden, would be to get all the information you can about what planting zone you’re in and choose plants that will do well in your zone. You can head over to the United States Department of Agriculture‘s site to find information on what zone you are in. And again, like I said in my Family Garden Day post, get out there with your little ones. Teach them a thing or two 🙂


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