Sprucing Up an Old Side Table

There are plenty of ways to make a piece of furniture stand out. I took to sprucing up an old side table to make the piece feel lighter, and a bit more fresh. Sprucing up my old side table wasn’t a difficult job. Refinishing furniture doesn’t have to be! I’ve done in total 3 pieces now and I absolutely love them! Here’s how I took to it, and just how easy it is to get it done!

Starting out!

First, you need a piece you want to refinish. Wether that be a smaller side table like I’ve done, or a larger piece like a book shelf it’s all going to start the same. You need to move that piece to a place where you can paint. You also need to decide if it needs to be sanded. My side table didn’t really need it. The paint wasn’t glossy, and the spray paint I used, in my opinion, does a great job at adhering and staying! Now with that being said, I did sand the chest I refinished with the purpose of being my statement piece because it was a tad more glossy, there was metallic paint, and also it had some raised designs that I thought I wanted to get rid of (it would have taken a lot more time and sand paper to get rid of them so I opted to keep them) I’m glad I hadn’t because after I painted it, I absolutely loved the dimension it gave the finished product.


Painting is a quick step for me, because I opt into using a spray paint. There are many options in spray paint as far as colors and finishes, but, you don’t necessarily use a spray paint. if you want to bust out the brushes and use a chalk paint, or acrylic for that matter you can totally go that rout. Personally I like the ease and finish of spray paint. It gives a fine mist, and doesn’t leave brush strokes behind either. Textures are important in furniture, and brush strokes are great for rustic pieces but that is just now what I’ve been going for lately.


Finishing a piece is just as easy as painting it. Especially if you use chalk paint. Chalk paint doesn’t need to be “finished” You don’t need a sealant on a flat paint like that. However, you may want definitely want to pick up a can of sealant for projects that you want to be a little more glossy, there’s tons of finishes for sealant. And if you used acrylic and made a beautiful mural on a table top or even just a simple checkered design on the legs, you definitely want to add that sealant to protect it from being harmed. There’s no point in spending a ton of time making something absolutely gorgeous for it to be easily damaged, so protect it and enjoy it for many years to come!

The final steps, are decorating. Taking that piece and placing it back where you want it and adding the decor you want on top of it. I have tons of pictures of family so I use my surfaces for that and other pieces of decor. A tear tray here, a plant there, and sometimes trinkets from past travel. Of course it also changes for the season and also the holidays!

Check out how I took all these steps with my newest video, and the previous two projects are found in the drop down info card when they are mentioned.

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