The Fall Season & What it Represents

     I think the Fall season for me represents Family time, many times during the summer we have been busy on the go, traveling ( not this summer😥) and the kids spending time with friends, and well just not spending as much time together. So Fall always meant, to me, getting back to normal and a schedule with school and overall just a calmer time of the year.

     I love the feel of Fall being warm and cozy. It also means that cooler weather is coming🤪. Living in Arizona that last few months especially August is brutal!! June and most of July you’re not loving it but you can handle. But then end of July and August is a killer!! So by September I almost start willing the cooler air to come by decorating for Fall! It’s definitely not sweater weather by any means but you just have that feeling that it’s going to be here soon. Kind of a- end in sight. Fall also means I’m able to start planting again, my gardening pretty much stops during the extreme part of Summer. Many things scorch and the garden is more sad and crispy. But in September it’s starting to cool down and so the planning of the garden begins. 

     I love the colors of Fall as I decorate, and the pops of color really catch your eye among the neutral colors I have adopted. Have fun decorating, don’t think you have to keep a design idea of someone else’s or even yours from year to year. Play around and do what feels good for you . If last year you were really into navy pumpkins and now you want more orange, paint the pumpkins or wrap fabric around them. Go to dollar tree and buy cheap pumpkins and paint them. There is no rules in my book for decorating for a holiday or really anytime. You should do what makes you feel good and tells your story. Not what a design book says. Maybe you need help putting things together with a designer and that’s fine just make sure you are apart of the creation not just the designer because you are the one living there. It’s needs to tell your story! 

     In the last three videos I have gone through my Fall decorating you. Walked you thru the tiered trays I do, my mantle and front Entry. I hope I can give you some ideas or just inspiration to get out and be creative and decorate your home for you and your family! Because at the end of the day that is what it is all about! And Fall just begins the wonderful Holidays and the warmth of thankfulness and being with your family!

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