The Golden Rule, Living By it & What it Means

The Golden Rule- treat people the way you want to be treated. When looking at the quote or definition, it looks simple. Like that should be easy, right? Then why is this so difficult to do as humans or society? What keeps the majority of the Human race from being able to do this? It really at my core scares and hurts me that we don’t look at each other as brothers and sisters as equals in the human race.  We have African Americans feeling that their lives don’t matter. Latinos feeling like they are not as good as others, being separated from their children and put in cages because they are trying to have a better life or just a life at all. Asian people looked down on because of blame of a pandemic and so on and so on. Countries and groups are fighting in wars that have started centuries ago. All over the world girls and woman are not looked as important or equal, not educated or able to vote, to make a difference in their lives.. it is 2020 and it is mind boggling to me that things are the way they are still. 

I didn’t really know about the Golden Rule when I was younger. I mean I didn’t know that name. I just tried to tell the truth and be a good friend and person. In my 20’s I was a nice person , cared about others, didn’t steal, stuff like that. But like many other people in their 20’s I was mixed up, isolated by work environment, a bit selfish. Not until my children were in the Montessori school that they attended for 14 years did I understand that term. Since then it has always stuck with me. I think in conjunction with becoming a mother and wanting to be the best example I could be, and learning more about Montessori and what the Golden Rule really meant it really changed my life. It wasn’t just something I took into myself, I got to help my children learn the importance of it, understand it, and live by it. It isn’t difficult to be a good person, not have a greedy heart, care for others and put yourself in others shoes. So, why are so many only concerned with themselves or their own needs instead of their neighbors? Or why is there so much disrespect in our society? What is happening with the parents not being the best role models? it’s really something I feel important that we discuss and do our best to change. As a society we must do better, as individuals we need to better. I will work to do better, that I promise!

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