Top 5 Organization Tips for Beginners

   Organization is a must for me. I can’t make sense of my house when it isn’t organized. I don’t think I am the only person who feels this way, and I want to help others that may not know exactly where to start. So I’m going to share my top 5 organization tips!

1. Declutter

   A lot of times we want to hold onto things we don’t need. In organization the very first thing you should do is get rid of those items! Decluttering will keep things clean, and overall keep them uniform. If you’ve had it over a year, and haven’t used it, really think about that item ask yourself “Am I going to use this any time soon?” No? Toss it, or donate it (If it can be.) Having a lesser amount of things in the space that you are trying to organize also makes it easier to organize and keep it organized.

2. Item Designation

   In my house, there is an item for everything! And this does tie into tip five, but we want to start with recognizing where these items should go. It doesn’t really make sense to keep bath loofahs in the pantry now does it? You want to designate an item like a loofah near the bathroom, say a linen closet. It makes it easier, not only for you, but for others in the home, or even house guests to guess at where something may be. Most people do keep their cleaning products under the sink, It’s one of those things that I think, hey, apply this to other areas of the house. I may not keep dish soap under my bathroom sink, but I will keep it under my kitchen sink, and that’s exactly where it belongs. This is because most things have a logical place to be.

3. Containers

   No matter if you’ve got money to burn or not, containers will be your best friend. It keeps items together, and makes it easy to just pull something down and grab something you need. Need the tide pen for a pesky stain? Keep them in a container, and boom, just pull it down and out and there you go, and when you’re done you simply just put it away. Now, lets back track to budgets. You don’t have to have a super huge budget to pick up some decent containers. I have, and will always check out the container section at the dollar store. Don’t get too hung up on the colors of them because its a quick easy fix to just grab a can of spray paint and spray them whatever color you want! It’s perfectly alright to love the colors the dollar store has, in my life right now, I want some more simplicity and so, I usually shoot for lighter colors. The dollar store is guilty of having some very bright and rich colors and that’s just not my aesthetic, but if it’s yours I bet whatever space you’re organizing will look amazing and make you feel good every time you open a cabinet or drawer.

4. Label

   Label Label Label!! I LOVE labels. Labeling a container gives it it’s designated item/s. (Haha, see what I did there?) Tying into tip two, and five, separate containers for things keep them organized in the sense that you won’t have to be searching all over for something. Say, you have a container for pastas in your pantry, You can put your long noodles together, and your shorter noodles separate. Some dishes call for different pasta, You may have a preference for one type over another, so maybe you bulk up on that particular pasta. Let it have it’s own container, if it’s an item you use often, it’s well worth it to give it it’s own container. I really do believe keeping things in containers, separated but together looks very clean and sleek, and it really is efficient for you!

5. Item Togetherness

   Finally, the last tip I have is the epitome of tips. Keep all like items together. Having all your canned foods together in one spot, but not just throw all the cans together in with each-other, it’s a bother to find something that way. You want to have all tomato sauces together, all soups together, all canned veggies together. They can be well organized just lines of cans on a pantry shelf, so that the first can is at the face, and you take what you need, and come time for shopping take note of what you need! You see, using the first can then the second behind it, maybe you had 6 cans there of tomato sauce and you had 4 tomato dishes this week (Maybe someone REALLY loves pasta with a red sauce) You can note that you need more tomato sauce, and so on and so forth.

   This isn’t a pantry implemented tip. In the hall I have a cabinet full of supplies for the bathroom and first aid. I have all the hand soaps together and split up the container so that bar soaps and other smaller soaps were in there as well. I have a container that has extra toothbrushes and tubes of tooth paste, mouth wash, floss ect. All together but in separate areas of the container. This can be applied anywhere really.  

   And that’s it! My Top 5 Organization Tips for Beginners I hope it was helpful and gave you a little push to get up and get some organization done. Not just because it looks nice but it makes your life a lot easier. I hope I gave you some great inspiration as well, giving you some ideas to think about and implement.

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