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I Love to travel, it’s good for the soul! whether it’s traveling to a new destination or a place we have been many times. It’s just magical to have those experiences, seeing a different culture and how they live is just fascinating to me. Relaxing on a tropical beach, setting sail for a otherworldly experience or even taking a long weekend to a family vacation home can be just as great!

Spending time with the ones I love is fabulous no matter how or where we do it, but getting away from our day to day schedules and just be able to come together and spend extra time together and make memories. I also believe that if it’s something you can do it’s important for children to be able to experience other places and cultures, it sets deep down in them a more worldly person. Children also have the most pure reactions with eyes opened and hearts open. It’s the most amazing thing to see them gaze in wonderment at all the amazing views, and differences in cultures. 

Through the years, I have taken some amazing trips and I want to share a few with you!

Alaska Cruise Summer 2016

European Cruise Summer 2017

Alaska was one of the most beautiful places to cruise. Every area we went to was so amazing, I could just sit on the deck and stare out all day long. For this one we flew into Vancouver, Canada and got on the cruise liner. This was a 7 day cruise and it was just my kids and I. We had so much fun just experiencing this new place and the way of life there, the small towns and the different way they live. It was all exciting and we just enjoyed spending time together. We have always enjoyed the Disney cruises and getting dressed up for dinner and going to the entertainment shows, but it seems like a fun bonus when you get to see a new place. I highly recommend taking a cruise to Alaska. It’s absolutely a special place!

This trip was such an amazing experience. It was so wonderful to travel, just my kids and myself, experiencing all these new places and their cultures. We started, flying into London and took the Disney cruise-line to all these stops; Norway, Iceland, and Scotland. We had such a magical time, and Disney cruises have always been one of our favorite vacations to take and every time we go on one it’s like reliving their childhood. The stops and activities we got to do were so unique. I think we would all say that the blue lagoon in Iceland was our favorite stop. After the cruise  we stayed in London for five nights and were able to explore and experience London. We had such a great time and of course connecting as our family unit is always one of my favorite things about these trips. I’m definitely sharing some photos to fill in more of the story of this trip!

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Cuba and The Florida Keys! Summer 2018

Traveling to Cuba was, beyond any doubt, a bucket list trip for me! I had always heard that it’s like walking back into time and it most definitely was! The colors of the buildings worn down from the sea air, and the bright colors of the old 40’s and 50’s cars was so fun. Not to mention the Latin music and delish aromas coming from food was just all too amazing.

On this trip it was my daughter, my  mother, and I along with my best friend and her daughter. We begun our trip in Orlando Florida and got on a on a Norwegian cruise-line that stopped in the Florida keys. We did some tours and putted around for the weekend. When we docked in Havana Cuba the city lights at night and the night vibes were unlike anything else! We did some tours, rode in the old cars and just got to experience the sights and culture. This was such a fun trip, however, I wouldn’t exactly recommenced going in August like we did it was extremely humid! But, humidity didn’t stop any of the fun, and it is a trip that is memorable for a life time and then some!

Oregon Family Trip Summer 2019

Of course sharing my travels wouldn’t be complete without sharing a trip to Oregon. I was born and raised in Oregon and I love it there! Because Oregon holds a special place in my heart, it was a no brainer to take my kids to Oregon any chance I got. Going to Oregon every summer has been our tradition since my kids were little. But this was the first time our entire family went. My daughter in-law and my grand-kids joined us this year and I was ecstatic to share the experience with them as I did with my kids when they were little! We had such a fun time traveling together and it was so fun to experience this trip through their eyes as well! Places my grandson had heard about so many times, and finally he was going to see them for himself.

The fact that it’s a tradition we are going to continue with them warms my heart. And I know my mother, who’s their great grandma, can tell her stories to them just as she did for her grandchildren. I know it warms her heart as well that they’ll be joining us from now on. From all the activities to stories being told and anything else in between, makes it a very special annual trip! 

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