Who am I in the kitchen?

Cooking is a way of showing my love for my family and friends. I love to take the time to make a beautiful meal for my family. Especially when it’s a meal that they love. Set the table so that it’s a special time to enjoy each other. I love to see their faces when they are enjoying the food I make. Yes, with my back it can be hard on me to stand and cook for a long period of time, but I love the product I think it’s all worth it. The presentation of the food is so important, its showing who you are cooking for that you care when the presentation is there. I love to do a nice flower table scape, because just because it’s a family gathering it doesn’t mean it has to be plain.

I love to try new recipes and types of food. I am that kind of cook that uses what I have, and I change recipes every time. It drives my family crazy because it makes it hard for me to give recipes! I am working hard to write my recipes down and I am making a cookbook with all our family favorites! My advice is, push yourself and try new things. There are so many flavors in the world to taste!

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