Young Living Oils – Why I Use Essential Oils

Every morning as part of my morning ritual I start my Young Living oils in kitchen and family room. I also run them in my bedroom and office. My favorite mix is lemon or any citrus and Joy. It just starts my day and lifts my spirits. I believe it is important to have something that just starts your day, kind of a kickstart. Coffee is that for me in the morning as well, but it’s much more relaxing to have a seat with my coffee and have a tranquil smell that floats around the house. I have been a candle lover for most of my life, and honestly I still love them. The romance of a candle probably will never be replaced by my diffusers but knowing the toxicity of most of the candles, I just can’t do it anymore knowingly to my family, myself, or the environment. I will still burn certain candles that I know are safe but it’s no where near as frequent as before I started using oils and I like to only have them lit for a short amount of time. 


I used another brand of oils for a couple years, and they are nice, so I am still using them up as I had a lot of that brand before I switched over to Young Living. But when I tried Young Living I was hooked. The quality and just what they stand for I really love. When we had our grand baby she always relaxed more when I would diffuse oils. And now at 18 months she absolutely loves her oils. She has to have them diffused every night, she rubs her roller ball on her foot every day. And she just loves all the smells of her oils! The face she makes is the best.

At night when my day is ending and it’s time to relax, that is my time to start my night time favorites. I believe that ending your day on a high note is just as important as starting your day off on the right foot. So, at night I like Young Living’s peace and calm with lavender. I have found these oils to be grounding in every way.

In this week’s Sunday email, I am giving some of my favorite oil mixes as printables. (Don’t worry if you miss the sunday email, if you sign up for the weekly email, you’ll be able to access the printables, as well as past printables in the Printable Directory at the bottom of the welcome email as well as all future emails for ease of finding!) Please use these recipes and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And if anyone is interested, or needs any help in signing up for young living let me know and I can help you with that.

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